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An 8-week live virtual program teaching you how to be your own coach through movement, music, & visualization.

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& EMBODIMENT® Immersion

I believe in VIBE as a lifestyle.

We are most powerful when our mind, body, and soul are working together as one.

The techniques I share in this program are great for:

  • Grounding your body and mind into the present moment
  • Feeling and processing your WHOLE range of emotions
  • Tuning into your intuition, needs, and desires
  • Loving, understanding, and healing past versions of you 
  • Transforming negative self-talk keeping you in a perfectionist analysis paralysis

It’s time to tap back into the confidence you once had or spark it for the first time!

In 8-weeks I’ll share my fav
techniques to be your own coach and guide yourself through any peak or valley of life.

Through all of the life changes I’ve experienced or guided others through, the hardest part of all is
letting yourself fully feel it.

Many of us weren't encouraged to feel our emotions growing up...

This can lead to habits like…

  • Always responding “I’m fine.” when you’re not so you don’t feel like a burden to others
  • Making everything external look perfect when you feel like you’re falling apart internally
  • Disconnecting and numbing the signals of your body with social scrolling, emotional eating, excessive exercise or work
  • Saying yes to help everyone else so you have no time left to be alone with your thoughts & emotions
  • Shushing your dreams so you don’t ruffle any feathers

Come home to yourself
with the 8-week Immersion

Together we’ll move from feeling…

To feeling like this and more!

Become Your Own Coach

You and your creator are the two most powerful leaders in your life. VIBE is your space to quiet the noise and tune in to YOUR inner guidance.

We all need a team around us to support our highest good AND no one can be with us 24/7 or live within our brain and body… except us. 

VIBE is here to help you trust you again, provide tools to navigate your inner landscape, and the journey of life.

Even when I have invested thousands to work with other coaches, I have had to rely on the tools I share in this program to navigate the fear and many other feels that come with wanting to live a non-status quo life!


Hear from past Immersion members

The breakthroughs, transformation, and deeper self-awareness gets us every time

Curious to see what VIBE can do for you?

Imagine what's possible when you learn to quiet and work with your inner critic

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topics we'll dive into in our

8-Week Immersion

Session 1

Setting the foundation and discovering your movement story

Session 2

Connecting your body with the music and observing your thoughts and sensations throughout your being

Session 3

Explore new ways to move as you learn to connect to past versions of yourself with a timeline visualization

Session 4

Expand your emotional range. Notice where you tend to focus, avoid, & numb so you can begin releasing what your body is storing

Integration Week

No live session this week! This week's for you to integrate all that's come up in the first half of the program and notice different patterns in your day-to-day life

Session 5

Deepen your why and celebrate being at the halfway point in the Immersion! Reconnect as a community as we reflect, and process all that's been bubbling to the surface

Session 6

Dig into part's work aka the inner negotiation that will reduce self-sabotage and increase expansion with more ease and peace

Session 7

Integrate your masculine and feminine energies for more power and harmony

Session 8

Closing ceremony to reflect on your journey, celebrate lessons learned, and VIBE as your most expanded self

Welcome home beauty! I'm Sam.

I had a really negative relationship with my emotions growing up and bottled them…until I couldn’t. 

They would come out in big bursts that left me feeling confused, angry, and full of shame for not being able to “hold it together”. My mom even wanted to put me in anger management as a teen.

I was determined to find a better way to heal and started to turn my negative way of coping behind closed doors into positive emotional processing through movement, music, and coaching visualizations aka VIBE & Embodiment®!

By now you’re asking…

What exactly is VIBE & Embodiment®?

The VIBE & Embodiment® Method is a safe and courageous container for you to explore connecting to your body, processing emotions, and tapping into your creative expression with intuitive movement, music, and specific visualization techniques.

VIBE is the way to process emotions (stress), integrate your life experiences (the good good and not so good), and move as your most confident and trusting self. You don’t have to fake it til you make it any more! This is your container to explore new ways to move and BE in your body.

By learning how to move intuitively to music with specific prompts to focus your mind, you’ll be amazed at what your body and subconscious mind reveal to you.

Each week you’ll shed another layer to tap into more confidence, inner peace, and gain tools to navigate life’s twists and turns.

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Still Have Questions about VIBE?

See below for our FAQs. If you still have questions after, let me know!

No worries! While we think attending live is the BEST way to gain the most from this experience, we totally know life happens! All sessions will be recorded on Zoom and the replay will be emailed the following day.

YES! I’ve experienced full body inflammation to varying degrees since the age of 12 – a big influence in the creation of VIBE! There is a specific technique I’ll share in the certificate you can do from a chair. If you can wiggle your fingers, toes, or gently sway to the music you can still have a powerful experience.

Once you begin the Immersion, refunds will not be granted. However, we understand that an unexpected life event could occur between the time of payment and beginning the program that makes it impossible to be present and soak up the experience. You can request a full refund by emailing prior to the first session. Your non-refundable deposit of $111 will not be refunded, but can be used to hold your spot in a future Immersion round.

The Immersion begins on October 3rd and ends on November 28th. This accounts for (8) 2-hour live sessions and one integration week in the middle. Fingers crossed for no internet outages or technology challenges that delay the experience. Each VIBE & Embodiment class will be held on Tuesday from 7pm-9pm ET. 

TECH: For the best and most full experience it is recommended to have technology that can access Zoom, Facebook, & Spotify. A desktop is great so you can easily participate in the chat.

SPACE: A quiet open space in your house where you can relax and feel comfortable to explore movement safely.

WARDROBE: Comfortable clothes that help you express your highest self and allow you freedom to move and flow in your body. While over-sized gym shirts are great…is that the VIBE you are calling in to your life??? Have fun with this one each week!

Bonus: A large mirror or floor length mirror takes this practice to the next level. Learning to see and love ourselves in the process as we are.

The primary method of payment is by credit or debit card. You’ll submit a non-refundable deposit of $111 and choose between a pay in full or two payment plan option on the following page.

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