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I’m here to share simple tools to reduce stress and process emotions
create sacred spaces for you to feel less alone in your healing journey

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The internal fire that started it all

When I was 12 years old, inflammation started in my wrists and crept along until my entire body ached and throbbed. Top doctors tested for everything imaginable and tried different supplements and shots before telling me to “retire” as a competitive gymnast.

Not once was my diet looked at as a possible cause because I ate “healthy” and loved fruits and vegetables. Currently 10 years gluten & dairy free and it made all the difference!

Today I share simple swaps to reduce toxic burden on the body and stress management tools that helped me overcome years of depression teetering on the edge.

You’re not making up the pain. You don’t have to do this alone.

Big love,


“I have never done anything like this before and I am a movement coach in a different way. This is so different than what I am used to but you have  a gift girlfriend! It was so cool to go from different sides of the emotional spectrum from getting angry to laughing at myself. So cool and shout out to every person in this zoom room for completely going for it!”
~ Samantha D

“The visualizations, meditations, tapping and mirror work- these exercises helped me reveal things that were stopping and slowing me down, confront them and then be able to work through it. Thank you for going above and beyond for me as a coach every week!”

~ Jill K 

Ready to start your healing journey?

My Fav Ways To Support You

Meditation Freebie

  • A free 4-minute sound healing audio to help you tap into your breath and ground yourself to ease a stressful moment wherever you are. An essential tool on your healing journey!

Stress Release Mini Course

  • NEW Sign up for the Stress Release Mini Course. This 95 minute self-paced course is full of 8 of my favorite tools in short videos to release daily stress, reduce toxic body burden, and support your bodies natural ability to process stressors. 

VIBE & Embodiment ™ Immersion

  • Join the VIBE & Embodiment™ Immersion! An 8-week LIVE group coaching program that teaches you how to connect to your body and develop a self-care practice with movement, music, and visualization techniques to sit with and process your emotions. This container expands on what we cover in our free Intro to VIBE classes.


  • Dive in with me 1-to-1 or with your team! These days are customized to your needs. The intention is to support you with high-level decision making in your life and business, creating a plan for support, and practicing stress relief tools.


Not sure where to get started?

Join me for a free Intro to VIBE class!

what exactly is vibe & embodiment™?

V.I.B.E a.k.a Visceral Integration Belief Expansion combines movement, music, and visualization techniques for your mind, body, and soul to move as ONE.

It’s the way to: 

  • build awareness of your thoughts and feelings
  • connect to your intuition, body, and soul
  • process stress and emotions with your whole being
  • integrate life changes and experiences
  • expand into a more confident and trusting version of yourself 

Embodying this version of you NOW. Not once you achieve the big goal!

We must fully embody and believe it FIRST to create and receive it.

This is a journey of self-love and coming home to yourself so you can more deeply listen to and trust your inner voice to create the life you dream of.

*Note: I host one open class per month, this is perfect to dip your toes in and see how this could benefit your life in just one LIVE session.


“For the first time during the dancing I felt genuinely confident and less self-conscious. Instead of pulling apart the songs and questioning if this was the movement that was supposed to go with what I was truly connecting and feeling joy and unbridled appreciation for being able to move in this way. It was really special.” ~ Grace E

How Movement Affects
the Body & Mind

Movement is an integral part of being alive and is our first way of communicating with our caregivers as infants.

It’s a powerful form of communication, as the way we move our bodies and express ourselves through physicality can convey a variety of emotions and messages without words.

For example, a hug can show affection, a wave can be a sign of greeting, and a clenched fist can be a sign of anger. 

Using movement consciously it can be a powerful tool for emotional regulation and self-expression without having to articulate how you’re feeling in words.

Physical benefits of low-impact movement:

  • improve your overall mood and reduce stress levels
  • improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as improve your overall sense of well-being
  • reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer
  • help you to get better quality sleep, which is important for both physical and mental health
  • increase balance, coordination, agility

Clean & Conscious Living

We live in a highly toxic world, but we have control over TWO main areas: our home and body. 

What we put ON, IN, and AROUND our body can either build health or dis-ease.

Become an empowered consumer and vote every day with your dollar!

Learning to navigate this topic and what to look out for on product labels can feel OVERWHELMING to say the least. 

I’m here to simplify the process, breakdown what to look out for on labels, and share my favorite high-performing products without all the toxins!

“Been loving my crunchi collection so far! Used charcoal bar, I am polished, clarilight, sunlight, spiced palette and rosewood lip crayon!!! My skin has been looking so good lately, I didn’t even have to use flawless foundation!!! I’m so glad I took the plunge!! Thank you!” ~ Lauren Barber

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